A little bit about me.

So this is the boring part, but I feel that it needs to be done! I’m Catherine, I’m 23 and I am absolutely hilarious. I am happily married 5% of the time and I want to kill my husband the other 95%. We have a lovely nine month old baby girl – Little R. We are also proud owners of a beautiful basset hound, Bertie (it would be rude not to!) who we rescued 12 months ago. An avid bargain hunter and wannabe crafter, I spend my very limited free time trawling charity shops and trying to needle felt. I am hoping to update my blog regularly on the (very rare) exciting things that I do with my life and the activities that Little R and Bertie get up to.


3 thoughts on “A little bit about me.

  1. Hi Catherine

    Your daughter is gorgeous!! Besides my job I have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. You are the 1st person I have exchanged a present with on Reddit. I am so pleased you liked it.


    1. I have only just seen this part of the message, thank you so much for the gift. The notebook was absolutely amazing, it is my favourite notebook! I am purely using it for blogging ideas and it is so handy. I also adore floral, so essentially you could not have picked a better gift for me. Thank you again!


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