It has happened.

During my pregnancy, and even at the beginning when I had just given birth, with a screaming newborn child, I promised myself I would remain fabulous. As soon as everything was settled, a routine was established, my life was back to normal, I planned to lose all my baby weight, apply make up and style my hair every day and I would continue to wear the clothes that I wore before.

It didn’t happen.

My body is still desperately clinging on to extra two stone I put on during my pregnancy, I haven’t brushed my hair in about six weeks and I have just found myself looking at crocs online, thinking how practical and comfortable they appear. I have completely and utterly turned into a mum.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know some women manage to stay perfectly presentable after they become parents. Lord, this morning I saw a woman running with a newborn baby in a pram. Running! I, however, am not one of these women. I have embraced motherhood; I am constantly covered in food, dribble, sick and all the other stains that come with having a child that has not yet got any coordination and absolutely insists on using me as a wipe. Today I left the house with toothpaste down my dress and around my mouth. I have to wear practical clothes so I can breastfeed in public, which means I still have to wear nursing bras (you’ll know what I mean if you have fed your child, otherwise ignorance is bliss) which leaves my breasts hanging down by knees.

And do you know what?

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I envy all these skinny women who look beautiful, can wear whatever they want and don’t wear the same outfit for three weeks in a row but, I absolutely adore my life as it is now. My darling daughter is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and, whilst I wish she would keep all of the mushed up banana in her mouth, she’s unbelievably happy all of the time, and it’s because of me.

I now know that being fabulous isn’t everything, there are things that are much more important and I have found one. I am so unbelievably lucky and everyday I can’t believe how she is in my life, a genuine part of me.

Now, back to the crocs, they do look really comfortable after all…

Rhyming with Wine

6 thoughts on “It has happened.

  1. You’ve got your priorities right! Who cares what you look like, it’s no-one’s business to judge anyone else and as long as you’re happy and your baby’s happy that’s all that really matters. I’m sorry though, but I have to say, I’m in camp ‘no crocs’! 🙂 #FartGlitter


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