Unaware, or just don’t care?

On my drive home this evening, the bypass was busy. At 6 o clock in the evening this is not a rare occurrence, but it was odd that everyone was merging into one lane. As I neared, a young girl in a 206 had broken down across one lane, and her car had spilt oil across the road. I stopped to offer her a hand and pushed her car to the verge, where she was safer. Luckily, a gentleman stopped a few moments after me and helped too, but it got me thinking, why was I the first to have stopped when she had clearly been there a while. Are we, as a nation, becoming more selfish? Are people in such a rush that they would drive past a young girl, on her own, who clearly needed help, or are people so wrapped up in their own lives that they just aren’t aware of what is happening. Unfortunately, I believe it is the initial point that was made, and people just don’t care about others. Even my husband told me that ‘it isn’t [my] problem, someone else will stop, [I] wasn’t the one in danger’ but what happens when everyone thinks along the same lines, and would he still feel the same if I had been the one to break down? The problem is, we live in a culture where everyone thinks ‘someone else will stop’ but when everyone thinks this, no one helps. It seems a shame that this is how people to seem to behave but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be something that is going to change any time soon.

What would you have done, would you have driven past? Or would you have been the one to help?


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