Just call me Ms Thrifty.



As a university student and a young mum, I have no money. To say I am poor would be an understatement. I haven’t been shopping for myself since before I was pregnant and as Little R is now ten months old, that is quite a while. I went to a jumble sale with my mum today. Husband was at work which meant I was at a loose end and Mum has volunteered at the jumble sale for over twenty years, so I thought I would join her. As I was helping set out all of the clothes that had been donated, I was able to have a rummage through to see if there was anything that I liked and that would fit me. I had a fabulous time and came away with loads of new clothes, many that still had the tags on, and all of the clothing was 30p per item- what a bargain. I came away with two Laura Ashley dresses, loads of shirts and long tops and a pair of jeans. The total of my spending was £6. My mum also bought a load of clothes for Little R however she often has new clothes so it isn’t quite as exciting and this evening I just feel like being selfish and only thinking about me. I am so happy with all of my purchases, I feel like I have revamped my wardrobe and it has cost me such a small amount. I was also lucky enough to buy a 4.5l glass bottle that used to hold whisky, which I plan to fill with loose change (here’s wishing). Both Little R and I had a wonderful time, and I can’t believe I don’t go more often. It is held once a month and I plan to be the first one there in April.


2 thoughts on “Just call me Ms Thrifty.

  1. Lucky you. Well, it’s not lucky you’re broke (there’s no real luck in being broke, nobody ever says “I’m so lucky I ran out of money”) but you actually enjoy spending time with your mother (if given the choice between a shopping trip with my mother and having to stick a fork in my eye, I’d seriously consider the fork), and you seem to have found some great bargains. I didn’t know Laura Ashley still existed (I remember that store from my childhood, my mother once bought curtains there and dresses for my sisters and I that matched the curtains)


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