The truth about breastfeeding.

One of the biggest questions a new mum will face is how they will feed their newborn baby. Obviously, breastfeeding is recommended by all of the healthcare professionals who will tell you it’s natural, and it’s painless, and it’s the most beneficial means of feeding. They lie. Whilst it is the most natural thing in the whole world, it is difficult, it is painful and it is time consuming. At the beginning of parenthood, when the midwife and the health visitors are practically living at your house, they give you a chart on how well you feel that the breastfeeding is going. Statements such as ‘the baby is feeding every four to six hours, for between ten and thirty minutes’ and ‘breastfeeding is pain free’ are written, next to blocks where you have tick ‘true’ or ‘false’. The midwife will make you feel as though you are failing when you are not able to tick all of these. The fact of the matter is, the information given out is wrong and it puts ridiculous pressure on new mums. Breastfeeding hurts. For the first few days it is horrendous and it is hard work. It is exhausting. But is is also amazing. People will often say that they don’t breastfeed because they don’t produce enough milk, but babies do feed constantly for the first few week, it’s normal. Your baby uses you as a comfort, not just to feed. Your nipples will crack, they will be sore, and they will end up about three inches long. Of course, it is all worth it and it is amazing to know that you are solely¬†responsible for feeding your baby, but it does not come easy. It needs to become more widely known that breastfeeding is difficult, it may mean that more people continue to feed their babies themselves and there would be less parents feeling as though they are failing.


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