Five Minutes Peace.

BDog lake

Last Tuesday, a completely naive decision on my part led to Little R taking a tumble down our staircase. It was, of course, a complete accident – apparently she’s pretty mobile now! – but it has resulted in me being too terrified to leave her alone, even for five seconds. I haven’t even managed to drink a hot cup of tea as she keeps me so busy, and my study time is now non-existent. Despite being madly in love with Little R, and enjoying (nearly) every aspect of motherhood, I have found myself craving a few moments to myself. This evening, husband said he would put Little R to bed, and I could go out and walk the dog – one of my favourite pastimes.

BDog There are a few fields around us so Bertie and I decided to go for a casual stroll. I was lucky enough to stumble on a beautiful fishing lake, where I could sit on a bench for a while and contemplate life, without having to think about anyone else.

Being so busy, I rarely get a moment to myself and it was amazing to have some time. I would have loved to have taken a cup of tea with me to enjoy, but you can’t have everything! bench

As a mum, I seem to have lost myself as a person – my priority is being a parent and Little R always comes first, so it was wonderful to enjoy some alone time. Husband says that he will come home early more often so, as the evenings are becoming lighter, I can go out with Bertie regularly, and it was lovely not to have to bath Little R as she has become such a monkey!






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