Ladies Who Lunch.

Despite our busy schedule, Little R and I normally find ourselves free on a Friday. I am only in university Monday to Thursday and Little R only spends these mornings in childcare, so Friday is the day that we spend together. Often we have a cup of tea, or some lunch, in a café around Lincoln, so I plan to discuss the cafes that are baby friendly, and the cafes that aren’t quite fit for children.

Today we decided to go to Asda Living for lunch. I was impressed from the beginning, they offer a free baby food jar with any purchase in the café, and they have lots of child friendly snacks. The ‘special of the day’ was a portion of chilli, spicy wedges and salad for £2.50, which I thought was a bargain, and the portions were a decent size, too. Little R had a toasted teacake with flora – she’s allergic to butter – and I also had a cup of tea. Our whole bill came to £4.85 which was amazing! Ridiculously, I had forgotten Little R’s sippy cup, so I nipped downstairs to buy one and the café staff were happy to sterilise the cup and then fill it with tap water for nothing, which was lovely.  There is also a baby bottle warmer and microwave which are freely available to use, and the café offers disposable bibs which are really handy – I was particularly unorganised today!

The baby changing facilities are great, too. Often, we find that the baby changing room does not contain a toilet, which means that I have to use the ladies bathroom and balance Little R on my knee, or I cannot go. The facilities in Asda Living not only contain a baby changing area, but they also have a toilet for the mums and dads which is always a bonus!

The only issue that we found was that the members of staff who work in the café did not understand that I was by myself with a baby, and expected me to carry Little R, the tray which carried my meal and a hot cup of tea back to my seat. I have been before and the staff members had offered to help, but as they were busy today, it meant I was expected to juggle everything.

Aside from this, Little R and I had a wonderful time. The food was brilliant – she loved her teacake! – it was definitely well priced, and we would love to return. They apparently host a parent and child morning every week too, so we will definitely be visiting that.


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