Bathtime Antics.

Today, I was complaining to my friends that Little R, whilst in the bath, spends her whole time trying to stand up, slipping over and nearly drowning. She told me that she had a bath seat that she no longer needed for her daughter, and that I could have it. I thought that I would give it a go, hopefully it would stop her being such a monkey!

Despite the fact that the new recommendations are to bath your baby only once a week, we still bath Little R every evening before bed. She loves being in the water, it gives her time to calm down before she goes to sleep and – especially in this warm weather – she’s a very sweaty child. I ran her a bath as normal and I popped the seat in and strapped her in. Husband had said that I would have a battle on my hands and she is normally adamant that she is going to stand up, but he was wrong. She absolutely loved it. I fastened it to the centre of the bath so she could still reach all of her toys, and she stayed there. She didn’t try to move at all. It meant that bath time was so much more fun for us both and she stayed in the bath for half an hour. The destructive child that she is, whilst I was spelling words on the side of the bath with the foam letters, she had the time of her life pulling them off. What a monkey!

Once her toes had begun to get wrinkly, I undid her bath seat and put my arms out to her so I could lift her out of the bath. The little monkey turned to me, said ‘no!’ and strapped herself back in. I couldn’t believe that, at eleven and a half months old, she has such an attitude, but I found it hilarious. Clearly, the bath seat is the greatest bath toy ever and she loves it!

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11 thoughts on “Bathtime Antics.

  1. Lol…yeah, my sister has always bathed both her children every night. As infants, “bath time” was a seat that went in the kitchen sink. When they outgrew that it was a little plastic tub that went in the big tub. Now, my niece is four & a half and my nephew is two…they each get a 10 minute shower after dinner…my niece washes herself (except for her hair, which my sister still does for her) & my nephew pees in the shower every night and tells my sister “no” when she tries to take him out of the shower.


  2. Aww… isn’t it wonderful when you have found something that your child really like and that you both can enjoy. She knows exactly what she wants. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost x


  3. Aw she sounds such a little character 🙂 I used to love bath time at that age, though I always got almost as wet as they did!

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix hope to see you there again tomorrow!

    Stevie x


  4. My little one is just turning 11 months, he has started to try and climb out. I bribe him with toys and end the bath short if he climbs. Hopefully he will learn! Id not heard to bath them once a week, he gets so grotty in a day and it’s just part of our fun chill out evening routine now that I wouldn’t change it!


    1. I definitely don’t agree with bathing once a week, Little R does love them. I have also begun to cut her bathtime short if she is too active, I am worried she will slip and hurt herself/drown! I completely agree though, I love our routine now!

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