A Bad Day.

Today I am thankful for my husband, and my best friend.

Yesterday I had a horrendous day, and today does not look like it is going to be any better. Little R is unwell so has been particularly whingy and needy. I haven’t been able to put her down without her screaming at me, which is most unlike her. She also has conjunctivitis for which we have eye drops to use. Her eyes are clearly sore and she is rubbing them constantly which is obviously aggravating them further. She won’t even nap and I haven’t even had time to shower.

I also had some bad news about my Uncle, who unfortunately passed away from cancer at the weekend. It wasn’t really expected and it is quite a shock as he really wasn’t old at all, and when I saw him in February – pre-diagnosis – he was his normal self.

I heard some things that really irritated me, that people have been saying. Unfortunately it isn’t the first time and definitely won’t be the last, but it does annoy me when people criticise me behind my back.

Finally, when I got home after working a full day yesterday, and then going between the pharmacy, to the walk in clinic, back to the pharmacy, the hot water had not come on. Husband was working late last night and he had said he had sorted it the night before, so I was livid. It was the icing on the cake and I completely blamed him for everything that had gone wrong.

I FaceTimed my best friend who has been living in America for the last 18 months, and had a huge rant to her, which involved me crying quite a bit, and I managed to calm down. She told me some amazing news: she will be coming to see me in the not-too-distant future (making me cry even more) and told me to calm down.

By the time my husband arrived home, I was able to think rationally. I told him that I was ready to shout at him when he walked through the door (good job he was working late!) but I understood he wasn’t to blame for my horrendous day and I told him how bad I felt. He was amazing. Little R still wasn’t sleeping when he got home and I was with her, so he took over. He cooked tea, we watched television together and he was absolutely fantastic at just listening to everything I said. It made me realise how much I do love, I do rely on him and how glad I am that I married him. Although we spend more time arguing than we do getting along, he really is my rock and I couldn’t do parenthood – or life – without him.


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