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Hey everyone, thank you taking part last week! Just a reminder: please comment on the host’s post and the post before yours; please include the linky badge which can be found on this page and please try and tweet your links (although not compulsory).   I look forward to reading your posts!


The Dark Side.

The Dark Side. Before I admitted that I had depression, I was a cynic. I am ashamed to admit, I was one of these people that believed that it was rubbish and I couldn’t believe that these people couldn’t just ‘sort themselves out’ or ‘pull themselves together’. Even at the time, I was struggling and… Continue reading The Dark Side.


Bambella Pram Liner: Review

I attended Britmums Live last month and I was really fortunate to, during an SEO workshop, sit next to Christy Chown of Bambella Designs. She was so lovely and down to earth, and definitely the breath of fresh air that I needed after such an overwhelming day. We exchanged business cards and the Monday following the… Continue reading Bambella Pram Liner: Review


#2 PrettyinPlaydough linky

Thank you to everyone who joined up last week! For the first linky, I was thrilled with the turnout! This week, Phil’s post was my favourite read, it was interesting to know his feelings on PND. You can find it here. As always, please  remember to comment on as many posts as possible, and definitely the post… Continue reading #2 PrettyinPlaydough linky


A Response To ‘Obnoxious Men’.

I have never before responded to another blogger, but I have recently come across a post that has made me angry. It was a list of the ways men are obnoxious during child birth and it can be found here. It frustrates me because, actually, her partner may have been useless but that doesn’t mean… Continue reading A Response To ‘Obnoxious Men’.


#1 PrettyinPlaydough Linky

Hello everyone, Thank you for joining me in the #prettyinplaydough link.. I always feel like I miss out on so many good posts but hopefully this will be a way of keeping up with everyone. As always there are a few rules that I would appreciate if you could follow, and they can be found… Continue reading #1 PrettyinPlaydough Linky


The end of an era.

The End of an Era. When Little R turned one, I stopped feeding her. She wasn’t really interested and I was more breastfeeding because I wanted to continue, rather than because she wanted to continue. I was feeding her in the morning because I was too lazy to go downstairs to make her a drink,… Continue reading The end of an era.