Bambella Pram Liner: Review

I attended Britmums Live last month and I was really fortunate to, during an SEO workshop, sit next to Christy Chown of Bambella Designs.

She was so lovely and down to earth, and definitely the breath of fresh air that I needed after such an overwhelming day. We exchanged business cards and the Monday following the Britmums conference, she emailed me to ask if I could review a product from the Bambella Designs range. Unfortunately Little R has had chicken pox and has been a miserable child, so it is a slightly late review but better late than never, and Little R is pox free and smiley again so we have been able to take photographs of her and the liner!

Fantasy Forest Pram Liner

So excited to use her new pram liner!

We chose this beautifully patterned pram liner to try out, which can be found here. I adore bright colours and vivid patterns so this seemed perfect. The parcel arrived two days later, which we couldn’t fault, and was beautifully packaged. Little R enjoyed opening it – although that wasn’t meant to happen!


The fabric was every bit as bright and colourful as the website showed, possibly even more so, and it was really good quality. The stitching is really well done and it fits the pram beautifully. I currently use a Joie pushchair but the pram liners have been made to fit any pushchair with a five point pushchair. The pram liner is £39.99 but also comes with matching harness covers, which would separately cost £8 so it’s definitely a bargain! (And if you want the set of everything, you get free postage on spends over £75!)

As the fabric is 100% cotton, Little R has been comfortable in it despite this horrendous heat. There is also an absorbent layer that has been sewn into the lining so when Little R is really hot she is still comfortable. Another bonus with the pram liner is that they are machine washable. Little R is the worst for spilling drinks in her pushchair. The old pram liner was wipe clean only which was frustrating but it’s so handy being able to pop this into the washing machine. The fabric is also reversible, with the Fantasy Forest liner being a purple on the underside, which is appealing too. When I’m bored of the fabric I can just change it round so that is fabulous.

The Bambella Pram Liner has also been shortlisted in both the Mumii Awards (where the winners are announced on 1st September ) and the Loved by Parents Awards (and the winners are announced 29th July).
The Mumii Awards have shortlisted the pram liner for the ‘Best Baby & Toddler Gear – Pushchair Liner 2016’ and Loved by Parents have shortlisted the pram liner for the following categories: ‘Best Pushchair Accessory’ and ‘Best Innovative Idea’.

I have recently been looking at buying a whole new pushchair because the plain black and turquoise one that we have currently just does not fit my personality. I am fed up of it being so dull and I hadn’t considered purchasing a pram liner. Since fitting this Bambella pram liner, I have had so many compliments on my ‘new buggy’ and I am thrilled. I would definitely purchase more, they are fantastic and even my husband likes it (and he’s a grumpy sod who likes nothing!)

It would definitely get a 10/10 from me, and I would thoroughly recommend Bambella Designs. I am planning to get a trolley liner next!

Although I have collaborated with Bambella Designs to review this pram liner, all the views are my own.

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11 thoughts on “Bambella Pram Liner: Review

  1. That’s a really pretty pram liner! I wish these were around when my children were younger! Such a good idea to have it washable and have an absorbent layer. Love the idea of matching harness covers too! Thanks for linking up to #puddinglove


  2. We’re just leaving the pushchair era now in favour of a trike, but I love the pram liner – It’s so pretty! I always had a liner just for the machine washable factor and the additional comfort, but mine wasn’t anywhere near as stylish as this! Great review. Thanks for linking up with #fartglitter x


    1. Haha I know, they are incredible! And when I first saw them I didn’t see the point of the trolly liners, but Little R will insist on sucking the handles – vile! I’m going to have to invest in one of those, too! 🙂


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