The Occasional Boxes.


After a low week, I made the conscious decision that Little R and I would do something exciting at the weekend. We were lucky enough to be asked to try out The Occasional Boxes and so I decided that we would do it today. The box itself was presented really nicely and Little R loved opening it and giving the tissue paper to the dog to chew – fabulous!


When we opened it, there were lots of different crafty items to make lots of different things. There were pegs, tissue paper, foam shapes, card, ribbon and crayons. As it is Little R’s Uncle’s birthday, we decided to make him a birthday card. We used all of the foam stickers to decorate the card and Little R had such a lot of fun.


The boxes do contain small pieces so obviously common sense says not to leave children alone with the boxes, but Little R – who is only one – loved making them and they would definitely be suitable for all ages. (Once Little R is having a nap, I would like to make my own butterfly with the pieces!) The boxes are only £5 for one child’s worth of crafts, which is an absolute bargain. It kept Little R busy for over an hour (no easy task) and we have a beautiful birthday card to present Uncle P.

concetrating             making

I would definitely recommend these boxes, and we are looking forward to November when the Christmas boxes are going to be released! I also think these would make fantastic party bags, so I shall be returning when Little R turns two!


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