Five Reasons I Love a Poorly Baby

It’s definitely not an okay thing to admit, but I do enjoy Little D being poorly. Now, don’t get me wrong, I hate it when Little R is uncomfortable and I would do anything to make her feel better, but there are some bits that I do enjoy about her being unwell.

1. Endless cuddles:

Little R never wants to cuddle me anymore. She’s always on the go and she’s far too cool for her mummy but when she’s feeling poorly, she cuddles me all the time. I love the fact that she wants to cuddle and she actually needs me!

2. Daytime naps:

When she’s poorly, the only way that she will nap is if she’s lying on me, so I clearly have no choice but to nap as well! (It also helps because whilst she’s ill, she is not sleeping at night so I’m bloody exhausted!)
3. Disney films:

We have never, ever watched a film the whole way through but today Little R watched The Aristocats and Lady and the Tramp. She sat on my knee for the whole of the films, and we cuddled underneath a blanket. It was amazing and I enjoyed it.

4. Pyjamas:

When we feel poorly, we just stay in our pyjamas all day. We had a bath together this morning and then put on clean pyjamas. It was fabulous!

5. Cancelling plans: Yesss! Some days I really don’t want to leave the house and when Little R is poorly, I have a legitimate reason to cancel all plans.

I will just emphasise that I really don’t wish discomfort on Little R at all, but we have truly made the most of feeling ill. It has, however, meant that the house has remained an absolute shit tip and that I am behind on my university work, but these things happen.

Little R has also decided that, because she’s unwell, that she couldn’t possibly sleep through the night and it has been a struggle to get her to go down in her cot at all. One of the things that has helped however, is the Fade Away Sleep sounds. We were lucky enough to be sent some of the sounds to try out, one of which was the clothes dryer sound, and it actually helped to settle Little R! I was so happy because I was surviving on such little sleep. Although it didn’t keep her asleep through the whole night (nothing has made her sleep through since she’s been poorly!), it was brilliant in helping to resettle her each time she stirred. If you fancy trying it, all of the different sounds can be found here. They do lots of different sounds and the rain and the wind chimes are brilliant for listening during meditation or yoga! I would definitely recommend them. Album bundles are priced at around $5.99 which is such a small price to pay for sleep. If you did want to give them a try, there is a free download available from here if you sign up to their website. I can’t promise you’ll sleep through the whole night but it will definitely help to settle your baby!



5 thoughts on “Five Reasons I Love a Poorly Baby

  1. I love the exact same things about having a poorly baby 🙂 cuddles and disney films are the best, in fact i miss all those things because now my little one is 6 thank goodness she hardly gets poorly at all! Bad Mummy but it would be nice to have a duvet cuddles and disney film day sometime soon ☺


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